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The MOTAT Society


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Today the MOTAT Society (known as MOTSoc) acts as a supporting organisation, offering an extended knowledge base in support of the Museum's preservation and conservation efforts. The Society's membership is made up of many current and former MOTAT volunteers and staff, and general enthusiasts with transport, technology and heritage interests, as well as affiliations with kindred organisations.

The Society aims to support its members through the development of a working relationship with the Museum by offering gatherings and meetings of interest connected with MOTAT's collections and with visits to other museums and historic sites of comparable interest.



The Museum of Transport & Technology was developed in the early 1960s from the Old Time Transport Preservation League, Historic Auckland and a group called Pioneers of Aviation.  It was formalised into an incorporated society in 1963 (?) and opened formally to the public in 1964.

For many years the society’s Management Committee had day to day operational management of the Museum under a board of trustees. This was consolidated in 1984 when Auckland City Council began to support the Museum financially and a board of trustees was established with day to day operations placed in the hands of a Museum Director and leadership team. The old society then became a support organisation for the Museum comprising volunteers and other interested people.

In 2000 the MOTAT Act was passed enabling the Museum to levy the local councils (now Auckland Council). The MOTAT Society was enshrined in the MOTAT Act to support the Museum’s objectives. Board members of the Museum are appointed jointly by Auckland Council and the MOTAT Society and sets the strategic direction for the Museum and appoints the chief executive.

Our Vision.

The Society supports MOTAT through the specialist knowledge brought by many of its membership on matters affecting MOTAT's artefacts, on restoration and conservation issues, and the provision of general collection advice. It also aims to maintain and recognise the historic foundations of the Museum and its collections, as well as recognising the efforts of those involved now and in the past.

Through the sharing of knowledge between the different groups of people involved with the 'hands-on' heritage sector, the skills and experience brought to the collections will be beneficial to all involved.

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