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Makyla Curtis with samples of her typography & letterpress printing. Photo: The Scoop, The Ferrymead Printing Society

The December 2019 issue of the Ferrymead Printing Society’s newsletter The Scoop featured our very own Society members Alan and Makyla Curtis, recognised for their visit to Ferrymead in November last year.

“On Sunday 17th November, we had the pleasure of guests from Auckland, Hamilton, Melbourne and Taiwan.

Makyla Curtis arrived from Auckland where she is very involved with the MOTAT Print Shop. Makyla is a very skilled typographer and designer and has typeset and had printed a number of poems and reproduced items of national significance (including He Whakaputanga). She donated several examples of her work which we have in the Library.”

The Scoop then went on to say... “Also visiting was Mr Chang, the director of the R-Xin Type Foundry in Taipei. Mr Chang was invited to New Zealand by Wai-te-ata Press in Wellington where he took part in a conference. Mr Chang’s company is the last type foundry casting full-form Chinese characters in the world.

Later in the week Mr Chang also visited the Print Shop at MOTAT.

Makyla is one of the new, younger generation that the MOTAT Society are starting to attract with our revitalised approach. She has recently been accepted by the IMPACT 11 International Printmaking Conference to present an illustrated talk on the printing of He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti at MOTAT. The event takes place in Hong Kong on 26 September 2020. At time of press a decision was yet to be made by the Committee regarding financial assistance for Makyla’s travel and accommodation at this event however Society Chairman, John Tutchen noted that the society was favourably disposed toward assisting members with heritage involvement where there was a direct benefit to MOTAT as a result of any grant being made.

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