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What an amazing day we had today with the MOTAT Society at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway! Our behind-the-scenes tour of the rail workshops was a real highlight, and we loved learning about the history and restoration of these amazing trains. Thanks to Niall and all the staff and volunteers for making it such a great visit!

For the trainspotters, our train for the day was 47.5' A 1452, luxury private car for MOTAT Society members Af 1182, F 141, 50' A 1222 & A 1162, and Vb 624, hauled by Ww 480 (No. 1).

During our behind-the-scenes special workshop tour, we also encountered Dsa 243 (No. 10), No. 3 (Ruston), Ww 644 (No. 2), DBR 1254, De 507 (No. 8), DC 4536 (under tarpaulins in storage), several ADL/ADC DMUs that are being stored at GVR, and a few of their mainline network certified carriages, some former TranScenic carriages, and several steam locomotives requiring overhaul (including Ja 1250 and Mallet (No. 4).

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