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60th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Competition


To celebrate 60 years of MOTAT and the MOTAT Society we are having a

T-Shirt Design Competition.

- Design a T-shirt
 - Vote for your favourite design
- Wear the T-shirt


Designs must be single colour

and must incorporate:

- The MOTAT Society logo

(download here), 

- Either "since 1964"

OR "Celebrating 60 Years"

- "MOTSoc" OR "The MOTAT Society"

your design here.jpg

Designs must NOT include: 

- MOTAT logos or imagery copyrighted/trademarked to the museum

- Derogatory, rude, and offensive designs.


Designs will be included in the competition at the discretion of the MOTAT Society Committee and MOTAT.

Image by Annie Spratt

For all designs and their elements, the copyright must belong to the person submitting the design, or be in the public domain.

You may submit more than one design.


All designs must be submitted as a jpeg, png or PSD file at 300dpi to


Submissions close 3 March 2024

Need some inspiration to get started? 

Consider: - Transport and Technology imagery

- Typography as design

- MOTAT Society logo as inspiration

Image by Seiya Maeda
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