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The MOTAT Society Special General Meeting originally held on 16 November 2022 was adjourned (along with the Annual General Meeting that followed it) to 15 February 2023 due to a lack of quorum. The purpose of the SGM was to propose an update to the MOTAT Society’s rules. The most significant of these rule change proposals was that the quorum for an Annual or Special General Meeting be reduced from 30 to 15 reflecting the reality of the current number of members of the Society and the numbers who have been attending AGMs over recent years.

A further proposal was the removal of the complex committee election sub-clauses in their entirety allowing nominations for committee members from the floor and a change of committee members from ten (10) to be between seven (7) and ten (10). Other, mainly banking terminology adjustments relating to the receipt and use of cheques which are no longer valid,­­ were also proposed. The motion to approve these changes was carried unanimously at the rescheduled SGM on 15 February 2023.

At the AGM following the 15 February 2023 SGM the 2023 MOTAT Society Committee was elected as follows:

  • John Tutchen (Chairman)

  • Bruce Wild (Deputy Chairman)

  • Alan Curtis (Treasurer)

  • Henry Swan

  • Peter Burch­­­­

  • Ross Goldsworthy

  • Bill Rayner

  • Makyla Curtis

  • Scott Pilkington

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