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When Joseph joined the tramway section - actually we enticed him over from the steam/pumphouse during the Peter Fisk era - being a graduate engineer and keen to get stuck into making things we had

Joseph Dickson

plenty of tasks to keep him busy on the Wanganui tram trailer. At the time the team was running short on hands and to have a younger person on hand was welcome addition.

He is always inquisitive and keen to improve on ways of carrying out tasks, and also understanding the reason for doing things the way they were done back in the day.

Joseph has picked up a host of new skills including fine cabinet work, and gotten himself actively involved in crewing of the steam tram on live days. More recently he has demonstrated to us the process of 3D printing using his own machine, under guidance from Tony Messenger, allowing us use of those prints for the lost wax casting process for the innumerable bronze fittings that will adorn the tram trailer.

In the past few weeks, on his own volition he even 3D printed a model of the steam tram No. 100 for use as a anniversary gift for another long-serving volunteer.

The team at the tramway wish to thank him for his work to date and in nominating him for the Lush award feel this is a deserved recognition for a young volunteer.

by Leyton Chan

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