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The day dawned bright and warm as the MOTAT Society members gathered in the car-park at MOTAT-2 on Saturday 7 December.

Our Coach was large enough to spread out and small enough for the group of 15 to be able to mingle and converse comfortably. An ideal combination.

A leisurely cruise to Hamilton enabled us to arrive in good time where we met up with ex-Steam Section member John Olsen­­­­ and Mrs Olsen, and were greeted by the Proprietors of the Hamilton Classics Museum after the obligatory photo opportunity.

Touring the museum was an ad-hoc , organic, free-range affair as it is well laid-out and the exhibits are all annotated as necessary. Most of the Petrolania is self explanatory and we all had fun reminiscing over various items.

Lunch was taken in the retro-themed cafe/diner. Great food, good prices and excellent company.

Further examination of the exhibits (Did you see...? What did you think of...? etc) and then it was time to depart for our return journey. Back to MOTAT by 5:30 pm where we bade farewell to old and new friends.

It was a pleasure to have a variety of members on our excursion including Senior ADH Host, David Kannu, Board member Dr. Brian Young, and MET staff member Alex Day was in her element being a trained automotive mechanic. She learnt her trade on many of the vehicles in the display.

This was the first of our renewed Excursion Programme. MOTAT Society Members enjoyed free travel and free admission to the Hamilton Classics Museum. - by John Tutchen

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