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The MOTAT Society takes flight – visit to Ardmore Airfield

26 intrepid MOTAT Society aviators travelled to Ardmore airfield for the Fly DC3 flight and a visit to the Warbirds Museum in March.

First up was refreshments including champagne at the Fly DC3 hangar then all aboard for a half hour flight across Auckland in Betsy, a 1944 vintage DC3 from the US, repainted to represent one of the last two DC3s in service with the RNZAF, aircraft NZ3546 of 42 Squadron.

In typical heritage aviation style, we were all out of the plane again after 15 minutes and the engine runup as a leak had developed in the starboard engine. Once attended to, the flight in slightly “bumpy” weather took us out across to the CBD, around to MOTAT, and then across Auckland International Airport to Ardmore. A wonderful experience.

Fly DC3 were very appreciative of the Society’s support.

The Warbirds Museum was very interesting with two hangars, one for WW II aircraft and the other for WW I, all aircraft in flying condition, with the WW I aircraft being replicas with modern additions for flight. Of particular interest was a Ryan WW II trainer aircraft once owned by MOTAT, and donated with the condition it be keep flying, which Warbirds handle, and a 1917 American Field Service ambulance previously maintained by the MOTAT Military Section.

Words by Bill Rayner

Above: Photos by Robyn Brown

Above: Photos by Mike Smith

Above: Photos by Bill Rayner

Above: Photos by Karen Triggs

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