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The new exhibition within the MOTAT library

This colourful event is a rolling twelve month display of iconic posters relating to NZ Tourism and featuring advertising posters produced by NZ Railways Tourism & Publicity Department. The posters form part of a collection donated to the Walsh Memorial Library by MOTAT Society member and Rail Section Volunteer, Richard Croker, greatly enhancing our historical understanding of the NZ rail 'story'. Richard was the recipient of the Society's Lush Award last year for his long-term contribution to the Rail Section and his foresight in preserving numerous items of historical Rail paperwork.

Preparation for display of the posters included strengthening and mounting with assistance from Auckland Art Gallery and MOTAT's conservation staff. The first pair of posters featured promote tourism to Rotorua and Mt. Cook.

There will be a different pair of posters on display bi-monthly over the coming year so make sure you visit the library each time you enter MOTAT1 to avoid missing out on some great vignettes and delightful retro art pieces, together with their background stories.

Repro-copies of these posters have sometimes been available via Trade Me. Keep an eye out should your inner rail-art needs be 'stoked up' after viewing the exhibition.

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